How to beat the high cost of moving up the property ladder in Brexit Britain!

So this is why Heritage Architecture are busy, re-designing homes to accommodate growing families by creating more living space in their existing home for less money than it costs to move up the property ladder…

In the South East the average cost of a 3 bedroom house costs £381,808 and a 4 bedroom house £575,645.  A difference of £194,000!!!!  Not forgetting 5% Stamp Duty & Legal Fees bumps it up to around £264,000 (This of course also assumes that the new house doesn’t need any repairs or redecorating/refurbishment, which lets face it is unlikely, and pushes the figure still higher!).

That’s equivalent to around 100m2 of extension work or put another way a 2 storey extension comprising a family/dining extension AND a bedroom and en-suite over.

An extension to your home often costs far less than you might think and combined with re-orientation of existing spaces can make a dramatic improvement to your quality of daily living and don’t forget, you are adding capital value to your home as well.

If you are have a growing family and need more or better quality living space contact Heritage Architecture now for a free initial consultation.

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