We are still open…

In view of the current Covid-19 situation, we need to consider alternative initial engagement options.

As well as an initial telephone call we are now engaging in WhatsApp video calls so you can show us your house and we can discuss your specific requirements. This should be sufficient to enable us to provide a proposal for next steps in the design process and the associated costs.

The next step is for one of our Design Team to then produce hand-drawn sketches, which can usually be done based on record drawings or Estate Agent floorplans, which are then iterated a few times to get the design brief agreed. Video conferencing can be used as an additional tool at this stage.

In order to survey/measure a property we would need the property to be vacant and will need to wait until Government advice allows for such non-essential travel. We are intending to work around these limitations as best we can to keep projects moving ahead albeit at a slightly slower pace than normal. We notice that Local Authorities are still working, albeit possibly to an extended schedule, so although we would normally expect it to take between 3-4 months to get you Planning Permission this could now take a little longer.

After Planning Permission has been granted there is the Building Regulations approval to obtain and selection of a builder which can take a further 2-4 months so it could easily be some 7-8 months before you could start on-site by which time the Covid-19 situation should be largely behind us.

All of our Designers are still continuing to work as normal from home on our network using video conferencing and remote presentation software so it is business as usual and we’re happy to help as always.

As a family-run business, we ask you to support us as we will do for others in the local community, and look forward to continuing to serve residents and local businesses as we have since 2000.